Thursday, July 16, 2015

Smart Phone Controlled Garage Door

Portland garage door smart phone controlled
We've seen it in movies and we've heard people around the world talking about how technology is taking over our lives. Although it can be close to the truth, in reality, our smart phones are the ones that are making the lip from being used just to make calls to practically controlling things around our homes as well! As many different types of application have been developed in recent years for smart phones to control various things around our homes such as TV's, light fixtures, locks and more, now that technology is applied toward garage doors too!

As a pioneer in modern technology, Apple has recently developed an app that will allow users to control various things around their home from their iPhones and small tablets. It is obvious that at this point, Apple is not manufacturing any of the electronic products around our home to be controlled via the app. However, part of the development process of the app was making it compatible with various products we use daily around the house.

Garage door repair portland smart phone operatedThe way that the app will work controlling your garage door and other devices around your home, is by a generic device similar to a wireless router that will bridge the communication between the smart phone or tablet and the garage door system. In addition, it will give you the option to monitor the garage door status making sure it is closed and secure when you are not at home.

Being able to keep track of your garage door status is a huge advantage and an increase in the security of your home as many times people leave their home without realizing they left the garage door opened. There are several garage door opener manufacturers in the market that already developed openers that can be controlled by a smart phone or other mobile devices as well.

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