Thursday, July 16, 2015

Smart Phone Controlled Garage Door

Portland garage door smart phone controlled
We've seen it in movies and we've heard people around the world talking about how technology is taking over our lives. Although it can be close to the truth, in reality, our smart phones are the ones that are making the lip from being used just to make calls to practically controlling things around our homes as well! As many different types of application have been developed in recent years for smart phones to control various things around our homes such as TV's, light fixtures, locks and more, now that technology is applied toward garage doors too!

As a pioneer in modern technology, Apple has recently developed an app that will allow users to control various things around their home from their iPhones and small tablets. It is obvious that at this point, Apple is not manufacturing any of the electronic products around our home to be controlled via the app. However, part of the development process of the app was making it compatible with various products we use daily around the house.

Garage door repair portland smart phone operatedThe way that the app will work controlling your garage door and other devices around your home, is by a generic device similar to a wireless router that will bridge the communication between the smart phone or tablet and the garage door system. In addition, it will give you the option to monitor the garage door status making sure it is closed and secure when you are not at home.

Being able to keep track of your garage door status is a huge advantage and an increase in the security of your home as many times people leave their home without realizing they left the garage door opened. There are several garage door opener manufacturers in the market that already developed openers that can be controlled by a smart phone or other mobile devices as well.

For more information about mobile devices garage door control abilities, contact Premier Garage Door Repair Service in Portland.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Modern Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Opener Portland app
In recent years there has been a major upgrade in garage door openers technology. Nowadays many garage door openers are available with high tech features such as remote internet access, system monitoring and others. Many current types of garage door openers from the leading brands in the industry comes with great features that make life much easier for us. However, most people still use the standard type garage door openers though it might be the time to think about upgrading.

Many garage door openers that came into the market recently have many capabilities which may make life more convenient when it comes to garage door operation. If you are one of those people that have been working with the same garage door opener for several years, now might be a good time to think about upgrading. Nowadays, most garage door openers have the qualities in which older openers didn't such as speed, low level of noise, and increased safety in addition to some interesting extra features.

Since Smartphones consider to be an integral part of our lives today, there are many garage door openers in the market that comes compatible with them. With a simple installation of an app on your smartphone, you can easily control the opening and closing operation of the door anywhere you are which include monitoring the door current status. Some apps will even have notification alert feature which will notify you if there was any unauthorized operation with the door.

Portland garage door opener app
Forgetting your garage door open is a common mistake most people do. That is why many garage door openers today come equipped with a timer which will let you set a particular time for your garage door to close once it was opened.

Who haven't experience power outage at the wrong time just when you were about to leave the house. With many types of garage door openers that offer emergency battery backup feature, now you can!

Whether if you were looking to make an upgrade to your current garage door opener unit or you were looking to convert your manual system door with an automatic one, visit Premier Garage Door Service in Portland. We work with the leading garage door manufacturers in the industry and our work and products are always covered with a warranty.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Noisy Garage Door?

One of the more common problem with a garage door is noise. Many old types garage doors that were neglected for a long period of time will develop a noise during time while opening or closing. Here at Premier Garage Door repair service in Portland we have some tips for you that will help reduce the noise and prolong the life of your garage door. Choosing the right product and conduct some adjustments might be necessary.

Garage door repair Portland Torsion springOne of the main thing to do in order to eliminate some of the noise is to replace the steel rollers (if equipped) with a nylon type. This will give a more of a soft rotation on the tracks. Just this modification by itself will reduce the noise significantly. If you garage door size is more than the standard single size, we would recommend choosing white nylon rollers with ball-bearings.

Garage door opener also has a significant role in affecting the level of noise in a garage door. The recommended type of opener should include a rubber belt that is reinforced with metal wire. Normally, these types of openers will be insulated from the case which will reduce vibrations to a minimum. In addition, belt functionality type openers were proven to be less noise than the standard chain types.

If you are already certain that your garage door is equipped with an opener that is operated by a steel chain and replacing it is not in your budget, you can always get a noise isolator system installed. These types of insulators will practically fit most types of garage door openers out there. Its initial job is to reduce the vibrations that may occur in between the motor and the metal support that is connected to the ceiling.

Another way for eliminating some of the noise and load that may be created by the opener would be to get an aluminum type door. If you are in the market for a new garage door, getting a door with an aluminum coating will significantly reduce the load on the opener which in turn prolong the opener's life and eliminate any excessive noise. These types of aluminum doors are much lighter than the steel type which will reduce any excessive effort by the opener when closing or opening the garage door for the long tun.

Last but not least are the garage door springs. If your door is still equipped with the old extension spring type, we recommend doing a conversion to a torsion spring system. This will help reducing some of the noise that may have been created while opening your garage door. The reason for its efficiency is the fact the torsion spring system is much more accurate than the old extension type spring eliminating any unnecessary friction between the cables and springs.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Choosing a New Garage Door

Aluminum garage door repair Portland
There seem to be a lot of hype nowadays around home renovations. There are many advertisements for new and original ways to enhance the appearance of your home. But what can be a better way to improve the exterior of your home with a new garage door? On the average home, garage door normally takes about half the visibility of the exterior front of your home and replacing it with a new modern design can not only improve the appearance of your home, but also help raise the value of it. Because a new garage door is not a minor expense, there are a lot of things that should be taken into consideration when finally making a decision to get one.

The cost of a new garage door is a question that in many homeowners mind. Like any other home improvement project, the cost will vary depending on many aspects a garage door will be chosen by. The cost can mostly be determined by the options, design and type of material. The most common and affordable door style would be steel which can start at around $700 and can go up to few thousands of dollars. Wood type door which normally made of high quality and will give your home a more luxurious look can start as high as a $1000 and can go up to few thousands of dollars as well.

Another important aspect to look at when choosing a new garage door is what type of benefit each type will have. Although a wooden door can be a large investments, on some occasions it could be the ultimate solution if you are after the old fashioned luxurious look for your home. On the other hand, aluminum type door considered to be an affordable solution that not only can revive the exterior of your home, but also comes most of the times with glass inserts allowing more light into the garage when it is closed. However, if security reasons are taken into consideration and you feel that your garage door is your home's security "Achilles hill" then going with steel should give you the piece of mind that you need while keeping intruders out.

Wood garage door repair Portland
A new feature that many people has started paying attention to when shopping for a new garage door is the construction and insulation of the door which will initially make it energy efficient. The issue with the older types of garage doors was the fact that they allowed cold or hot air to come out which potentially contributed to high energy bills. Nowadays, most garage door manufacturers incorporated special type of construction and insulation in their products which made them energy efficient.

For more information about new garage doors or other Portland garage door repair services, visit our website.

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