Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Noisy Garage Door?

One of the more common problem with a garage door is noise. Many old types garage doors that were neglected for a long period of time will develop a noise during time while opening or closing. Here at Premier Garage Door repair service in Portland we have some tips for you that will help reduce the noise and prolong the life of your garage door. Choosing the right product and conduct some adjustments might be necessary.

Garage door repair Portland Torsion springOne of the main thing to do in order to eliminate some of the noise is to replace the steel rollers (if equipped) with a nylon type. This will give a more of a soft rotation on the tracks. Just this modification by itself will reduce the noise significantly. If you garage door size is more than the standard single size, we would recommend choosing white nylon rollers with ball-bearings.

Garage door opener also has a significant role in affecting the level of noise in a garage door. The recommended type of opener should include a rubber belt that is reinforced with metal wire. Normally, these types of openers will be insulated from the case which will reduce vibrations to a minimum. In addition, belt functionality type openers were proven to be less noise than the standard chain types.

If you are already certain that your garage door is equipped with an opener that is operated by a steel chain and replacing it is not in your budget, you can always get a noise isolator system installed. These types of insulators will practically fit most types of garage door openers out there. Its initial job is to reduce the vibrations that may occur in between the motor and the metal support that is connected to the ceiling.

Another way for eliminating some of the noise and load that may be created by the opener would be to get an aluminum type door. If you are in the market for a new garage door, getting a door with an aluminum coating will significantly reduce the load on the opener which in turn prolong the opener's life and eliminate any excessive noise. These types of aluminum doors are much lighter than the steel type which will reduce any excessive effort by the opener when closing or opening the garage door for the long tun.

Last but not least are the garage door springs. If your door is still equipped with the old extension spring type, we recommend doing a conversion to a torsion spring system. This will help reducing some of the noise that may have been created while opening your garage door. The reason for its efficiency is the fact the torsion spring system is much more accurate than the old extension type spring eliminating any unnecessary friction between the cables and springs.