Thursday, June 18, 2015

Modern Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Opener Portland app
In recent years there has been a major upgrade in garage door openers technology. Nowadays many garage door openers are available with high tech features such as remote internet access, system monitoring and others. Many current types of garage door openers from the leading brands in the industry comes with great features that make life much easier for us. However, most people still use the standard type garage door openers though it might be the time to think about upgrading.

Many garage door openers that came into the market recently have many capabilities which may make life more convenient when it comes to garage door operation. If you are one of those people that have been working with the same garage door opener for several years, now might be a good time to think about upgrading. Nowadays, most garage door openers have the qualities in which older openers didn't such as speed, low level of noise, and increased safety in addition to some interesting extra features.

Since Smartphones consider to be an integral part of our lives today, there are many garage door openers in the market that comes compatible with them. With a simple installation of an app on your smartphone, you can easily control the opening and closing operation of the door anywhere you are which include monitoring the door current status. Some apps will even have notification alert feature which will notify you if there was any unauthorized operation with the door.

Portland garage door opener app
Forgetting your garage door open is a common mistake most people do. That is why many garage door openers today come equipped with a timer which will let you set a particular time for your garage door to close once it was opened.

Who haven't experience power outage at the wrong time just when you were about to leave the house. With many types of garage door openers that offer emergency battery backup feature, now you can!

Whether if you were looking to make an upgrade to your current garage door opener unit or you were looking to convert your manual system door with an automatic one, visit Premier Garage Door Service in Portland. We work with the leading garage door manufacturers in the industry and our work and products are always covered with a warranty.